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Here are just a few recent comments from our customers on their experience working with Educational Tours for their student group travels.

Educational Tours is a top notch business! Now that things have some what settled down I wanted to say thank you on behalf of Archer Elementary School in Archer, FL. I know it was a real hardship dealing with all the refunding. Ed you and your team did the right thing and I believe because of that great things are in store for Educational Tours! You’ve proven by example that your company is a “stand up” business. I can’t wait to continue our business with Ed Tours for years to come!
~ Trey Whiddon
Archer, FL
Archer Elementary School
We’ve used Educational Tours - Florida for over a decade to plan our trips to DC and Tallahassee for my deaf/hard-of-hearing middle schoolers. They take care of everything, leaving me and my chaperones to simply enjoy the trip with our students. They are hands down the most professional yet personable and accommodating company I’ve worked with. They take time to understand and work with our unique needs and requests for special tour stops (Gallaudet University and the Signing Starbucks for our deaf students!) and assist with lining up interpreters when available. They are affordable, dedicated, and thorough. We have nothing but praise for the team!
~ Terri Samson
St. Augustine, FL
Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind
Ed Tours is hands down the best. We were the last field trip of the year for our school this year. We left very early Thursday, March 12th and things had just started heating up with Covid-19 but we pushed forward and they kept us updated every step of the way. On our way up we hit a devastating motorcycle accident that stopped traffic. I immediately made contact with Lisa B and she got right to work making arrangements. With in 30 minutes she had worked her magic. We didn’t miss a single stop and even got a change to go to the governor’s mansion. This was my largest group yet at 100+ and Grant made sure everything was perfect. We are a title one school and he worked with us on cost to ensure every child that wanted to go could. We even had a medically needy child and they accommodated us 100%. Even with the world shutting down around us and things getting a little scary the kids were fully in engaged and no idea. I can’t wait until our next trip!! Thank you!
~ Lauren Michelle
St. Lucie, FL
West Gate K8
Educational Tours takes the stress out of planning for school field trips! Their tour guides are knowledgeable and keep the tours moving smoothly. Great staff to help with every aspect from the planning to the payment. NEVER had a bad trip and our last trip we had so many parent complements! Professional and sweet! You can't go wrong using Ed Tours!
~ Jeanne Noda
Panama City, FL
Bay District Schools
I’ve worked with Educational Tours for 26 years. Their knowledgeable, caring staff has meticulously planned all the details of my 8th grade trip to Washington, DC so well that over 1025 students from my small school have had the pleasure of an absolute wonder of a week. Educational Tours is truly committed to their clients and has always been there for me and my families no matter what. I have never had a negative experience in all these years. They go above and beyond for me, always. I would never travel with any other company because I already have the very best! Even during this awful spring of coronavirus, they were there for me, refunding families and sharing my disappointment in no trip this year. Out of five stars, they deserve seven.
~ Stephanie Meeks Stahl
Tampa, Florida
Incarnation Catholic School
Can’t say enough about how wonderful this company is! My oldest daughter had a wonderful experience on her DC trip two years ago. Unfortunately due to Covid 19 my youngest daughter’s trip was cancelled. Disappointing but so pleased with how it was handled, great communication and quick refunds! I have heard horror stories from friends whose children were going with other companies that won’t be getting their funds returned. Wonderful honest people!
~ Jennifer Buck Glaister
COVID-19 caused us to cancelled 3 of our trips...the first time in 14 years since I’ve been doing field trips! Each year with Educational Tours my students have benefited from top notched educational field trips nation wide. They are the best of the best from start to finish. Everyone in their office is extremely knowledgeable including the tour guides wherever your trip takes you. It saddens me that of no fault of their own we had to cancel three of our end of school year trips....darn COVID-19!! Once things get back to normal, and all bands are lifted, I encourage you to book your trips with Educational Tours. They are the best!
~ Champ Jones
Thank you guys for working so hard to help families get their refunds in this time of need due to the COVID-19. I know it had to be one of the hardest discussions to make to cancel these trips, but it is always safety first. I know my son was so upset, but he understood why too. Keep moving forward and don't stop what you do to help our children see amazing things.
~ Tiffany Kendall Richardson
, Florida
Educational Tours is the absolute best! We wouldn't consider using anyone else. They work tirelessly to ensure the perfect trip!
~ Lisa Sanguinet Strauch
Tampa, Florida
St. John's Episcopal Parish Day School
Educational Tours is the best! The trips are packed full - you definitely get your money's worth. Power touring is how we affectionately refer to this experience and we love it. And if there is any wiggle room, the tour guides are so knowledgeable and flexible that they are able to squeeze in additional gems. They are also able to successfully, sometimes creatively, trouble shoot when the unexpected occurs - snow storms, government shutdowns, ... been there, done that. And their office staff are amazing, behind the scene wonders. They are so helpful and are a pleasure to work with, from planning the trips to last minute queries. For a successful, educational, fun, experience-rich, memorable trip, I highly recommend Educational Tours.
~ Lora Quay Lindsey
Ocala, Florida
Educational Tours did an outstanding job on both of our tours, Washington D.C. and Tallahassee. Our five day bus tour of D.C. was exciting and kept our 7th & 8th graders fully occupied from 8 am to 8 pm each day. They packed so much into the tours it is impossible to list everything. I recommend this organization for any tour at any age level. Thanks Educational Tours for both our tours. The students still rave about them!
~ Lothar Botschin
Sanford, Florida
Holy Cross Lutheran Academy
We have had the opportunity using Educational Tours for our 4th Grade Tallahassee Tours the last 4 years and we have been satisfied each time. It certainly helps out teachers with the organization of transportation, sites, lunch, tour guides, and helpful workers at ET. We've plan to use this tour company for our future field trips!
~ Kristy Paul Jones
Panama City Beach, Florida
Breakfast Point Academy
This company has been planning tours for our school for many years. Ed Tours’s trips are spot on, planned with precision and with attention to detail. They are very receptive to what works for our school and flexible with choices. We book a minimum of 2 trips each year with them. I highly, highly recommend this company!
~ Lorey Minzner Pipkorn
Panama City, FL
Patronis Elementary
For the last 5 years I have used Educational Tours for a Geology Trip with 7th grade science. This trip is so much fun and the students always say it is the best one they have ever taken. Climbing down Stone Mt. in GA to mining for gold. FANTASTIC trip and well done by this group of people. I am hoping we will get to go in Nov. 2020...???
~ Coleen Bender
New Smyrna Beach, Florida
New Smyrna Beach Middle School
My first stop when planning a school field trip. They have planned our 4th grade Atlanta trip for years, and were a lifesaver in dealing with COVID-19 refunds. Professional. Flexible. Highly recommended.
~ Joy Botting Robinson
Lake Park, Georgia
Lake Park Elementary School
Fabulous company to work with! They've helped us plan our educational field trips for years at the school, and have always done an impressive job.
~ Sandi Wilson Jablonski
Ocala, FL
Thank you for taking such great care of our kiddos at Frontier Elementary School over the years. We were looking forward to our amazing 5th grade Gifted Trip to DC this year which would have been coming up in a week and a half. Of course in these uncertain times our trip was cancelled and I just want to thank you for working so hard for us to get us our refund as I've seen many companies are not refunding. Thank you for getting our trip refunded! It's much appreciated.
~ Ashley Huynh
Clearwater, Florida
Frontier Elementary School
Our school's Safety Patrol has used Educational Tours for our annual DC trip for over 15 years and they have been AMAZING!!! I can't say enough great things about them! The staff there is incredible. They make the whole process very easy and they are always there to answer questions. If you are thinking about taking a school trip, I highly recommend Educational Tours!!!
~ Sarah Wilson Wylie
, Florida
Putnam County School District
Our school has used Educational Tours for YEARS AND YEARS and we will NEVER leave town without them. They are a MUST HAVE for school travel! Over the years we have experiences all sorts of trips and situations with their professional and caring staff. They have always taken care of us in a way that made us feel like family. Don't be taken in v=by other companies. You want an amazing trip GUARANTEED? Book with Educational Tours.
~ Erin White Keeran
Edgewater, FL
Educational tours were very understanding during the Covid-19 pandemic. They did everything they could to get our refund in a timely manner. I've used them in the past for school trips. The trips are always well thought-out.
~ Heather Taylor
Panama City, FL
Bay Haven Charter Academy
I am a school administrator and we have used Educational Tours each spring since 2013 to take our 8th graders to Washington. I am not exaggerating when I say we have had nothing but great experiences with them. The owner of the company is amazing and takes personal responsibility for making sure our trip is amazing every year. If a museum is closed (which sometimes happens without any warning), the company doesn't just say "too bad"...they find something even better for us to do at their expense. They make it clear that safety is the top priority and it is clear that it isn't just a professional commitment from them...they genuinely care about our students just as we do. What also impresses me each year is how they always know how to get the best tour guides who know how to hold the attention of 8th graders, even while they're educating them about the battlefield or museum or historical site we are visiting. Again, I can't say enough great things about this company. They have great pri
~ Tim Schmidt
Ocala, FL
St. John Lutheran School
I've been Team Educational Tours for 9 years running strong! The whole Educational Tours company is so much fun to work with. I know I'm the crazy one and make the ladies crack up. I enjoy working with each one of them that helps me from our 8th Grade Washington DC trip and our 7th Grade Tallahassee trip. I thank you all for all that you do for each one of us. I wish you and your family healthy and safety. Much Love and Respect.
~ Tonia Terry
, FL
Volusia County Schools
Educational Tours has been our school's go-to field trip company for the past 10+ years! They are reliable, organized, and extremely helpful in supporting our school organize small and large field trips. I appreciate their quick communication and friendliness of all their staff. I highly recommend them for any school!
~ Erin Cooke
, Florida
P.K. Yonge
We have used Educational Tours for over 10 years of Washington DC trips with our 8th graders. They are always responsive and willing to work with us. And tbehare super friendly too!
~ Leslie Cook Derochers
Deltona, FL
Galaxy Middle
I have used Educational Tours for the past 6 years. They have always been extremely professional, helpful and accommodating. Our trips are well planned and the pricing is within the average student's budget. They are gracious with payment plans and go out of their way to assist you in planning unique experiences that both the adult chaperones and students will enjoy. I would definitely recommend them and encourage you to give Lisa a call. You won't be sorry. They continue to be my tour company!
~ Laura Bass Johnson
Dear Educational tours : You are all in my thoughts every year at the end of the school,webridge our third graders to upper elementary with a wonderful trip to Epcot that EDUcational tours manage for us. year after year This is the highlight of the students!! This COVID 19 mess up our plans this year. I can assure you that is the number one thing we get ask, Are we missing our Epcot tour? I hope that this ends fast and that we all(educators) are able to start booking with Educational tours soon again. Thanks for all the memories you have helped to create to our students. My own son travel from Tampa to Washington DC in bus with your company and still as a college student often mentions that memory!! Good luck stay safe and count with our trips as soon we are back!!
~ Jason Lorna Cohen
Land o' Lakes, FL
Countryside Montessori Charter School
Best Tour Company, Ever!!!!!!! I made my first trip with them 1996 everyone was so helpful and friendly. After 15 trips to Washington, DC with 5th graders and 3 trips to Busch Gardens, I can truly recommend them to any teacher ready to adventure out with their kiddos. I can not wait till we can go again.
~ Marcie Hall Smith
Best Tour Company around ! Have used them for 6 years and will continue to do so :) Love you guys
~ Monica Anguish
We have been using Educational Tours for as long as I can remember for our 4th Grade Trip to St. Augustine. Every year, we know we can count on Beverly and Mindy to give our students a once in a lifetime trip. We stay overnight and the hotel is always so nice and clean. Every class that comes through still reminisces about their trip. It is a real relief to know that our tours will be organized, educational and highly enjoyable. Thank you for all you do!
~ Kim Spence Silverwood
Tampa, FL
Espiritu Santo Catholic School
This was my 1st year scheduling a DC trip for our 6ty graders. With covid all had to be cancelled. This group not only made it easy to book the project but they were able to get back 100% of parent paid funds. They even got back the airlines money! Great work! Will work with you again.
~ Stephen Mush
Educational Tours is AMAZING. No matter what the circumstances, they have ALWAYS accommodated our needs, changes, or last minute emergencies. I have been working with them for almost 20 years. Over the years, Beverly has been my personal go to contact at ET and she is outstanding with communication, timeliness and quality of our tours. I can't imagine there is a better tor group out there for students anywhere in this country!!
~ Barbara Brower Clasen
St. Petersburg, FL
Cathedral School of St. Jude
Thank you Educational Tours-Florida for your excellent service to The Lakeside School for many years now as we plan our trips to Savannah and St. Augustine!! The service we receive prior to departure, the quality of the tours and guides, and the follow up after the trip are top notch!! We look forward to rebooking our trip next year!!
~ Karen McDonald Johnston
The Lakeside School
I have worked with Educational Tours in booking school field trips to Kennedy Space Center for the past two school years. After doing it myself for a couple years and practically tearing my hair out, Education Tours made it a great experience. Lisa and the rest of the company were beyond fantastic. They took care of all the tickets and transportation bookings. They are extremely efficient and so friendly. If you are the teacher in charge of booking field trips, save yourself a mountain of stress and hassle and give these great folks an opportunity to make it the best field trip ever.
~ Matt Robert
Since my school has been using Educational Tours, they have gone above and beyond to ensure our yearly Gradventure field trip is a successful and enjoyable experience for our students. Lisa is very professional and a pleasure to work with. Her response time to a question/concern is answered immediately. I will definitely be using them again for our trip next year and I definitely recommend using them for any trips.
~ Tanya Schmidt
St. Lucie West, FL
Our school has had the privilege to work with Educational Tours for the past 15 years at least. We take a 3 day/2 night trip to Tallahassee every spring with our 5th graders. Educational Tours is the most professional and personal company I have ever worked with. From the early stages of planning, to last minute changes and detail preparation, to the actual trip, they are the best. We will always trust our trip planning to them and look forward to planning next year's trips! Thank you, Ed Tours!
~ Michele Danley
Marion County, FL
Dr. N.H. Jones Elementary
Over the past several years I have had the pleasure of touring and working with Educational Tours. Tom, Carol, Laura and Grant are some of the kindest, genuine, and hard working individuals I have ever worked with. They have always taken the time to go above and beyond for my groups, they are thoughtful about the unique situations traveling with kids can present and are willing to be flexible when necessary. With the current situation our world is facing they worked diligently to get funds back to our families understanding how important it is to have these funds returned when many are facing job loss and unemployment. When you decide to book travel with Educational Tours, you are not simply booking with a tour company, you are forming a relationship with truly extraordinary people that I have felt very blessed to work with and will look forward to a continued working relationship in the future.
~ Rebecca Lynn
Very helpful in getting my trips planned and executed properly! Couldn't imagine life without them there to help!
~ Joshua Paczynski
Tampa, FL
Incarnation Catholic School
I can't say enough about this company!! We have used them for over 26 years and the personal touch they provide goes far and above what is required. We consider this company family and can't wait to travel with them again in the fall!
~ Jana Ford Lanier
Port Orange, FL
Creekside Middle School
We had a great MyEd tour group at the hubneo VR Lab this month, and both the kids and tour guides were phenomenal. Setting up the event was a breeze, and it was a pleasure working with Tom Doyle, the event coordinator. We would be happy to work with MyEd Tours.
~ Ilya Polokhin
New York, New York
Educational Tours is the best!! With everything going on with Covid-19 our 8th grade Gradventure field trip to Universal Studios Orlando was canceled and Educational Tours was able to the refund the full amount. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience working with them. Lisa was absolutely amazing in making sure this happened. I will definitely be using them again for our Gradventure Trip next school year. I highly recommend using them for any trip.
~ Tammy Turner Gannoun
I am a secretary and bookkeeper at an elementary school in Florida, and I want to say Educational Tours is the best when it comes to booking a field trip for our students. They offered an option for our parents to pay online which allows the teachers to be freed up from managing the money during educational time. Also, as a bookkeeper, I had to contact the company on how this worked and to get the information about payments. All their staff members were so wonderful to work with! But most of all we booked a field trip at the time Coronavirus shutdown happened. They were so professional handling the refunds for all our parents in a timely matter. I can’t say enough wonderful things about working with this company for field trips and tours because, it was less stressful for our staff. We will definitely use this company again! Thank you Educational Tours!
~ Elizabeth Hall Lucas
Belleview, FL
Educational tours has always gone above and beyond for several years with our school, planning a phenomenal trip every time. With the current world situation, they have been extremely gracious and accommodating and have fought exceptionally hard to ensure that all monies could be refunded, even though some of their vendors have not yet provided them refunds. We would not hesitate to use Educational Tours for years come, and we are already planning for next year. Losing our trip to DC this year was out of everyone`s control. Our representatives communicated regularly with us and looked for every possible solution. They always provide exceptional service, even joining us on our trips to ensure everything goes smoothly. They also pack as much as they can into our itinerary, while still maintaining a fair and competitive rate. We trust Educational Tours with our most precious participants - our students- and we cannot wait to travel with them again!
~ Sharon Kaylor
Vero Beach, FL
Imagine South Vero
Educational Tours is the most client centered company I have ever traveled with. The trips are designed around our school, the staff is friendly and efficient, and Tom Doyle can absolutely make the impossible happen. Our students, parents, and teachers
~ Robert Stephens
Miami, FL
The Heritage School
We loved our trip. Great time was had by all! Thank you.
~ Lisa Montie
Tarpon Springs, FL
Tarpon Springs Fundamental
Since we changed several items from our original request, I was very impressed that Educational Tours did not seem to be hassled about the changes. They were so helpful in setting everything up so there were no worries for us!
~ Pat Lancaster
Inverness, FL
Take Stock in Children
Someone at Educational Tours was always there every time I called and helped us with our trip. Emails were also prompt and appreciated. Thanks for all of the helpful reminders.
~ Amanda Walker
Panama City Beach, FL
Breakfast Point Academy
This tour worked well -- timing of everything was perfect!
~ Kelley Adams
Panama City, FL
North Bay Haven Charter
Just keep being the great company that you are.
~ Bolivar A. Calderon
DeLand, FL
DeLand Middle School
You guys are always accessible.
~ Andrew Keltner
Tallahassee, FL
Montford Middle School
I wouldn`t use any other educational travel company.
~ Dr. Anne Chattfield
Lithia, FL
Randall Elementary
Thank you for all of your help in scheduling yet another successful trip to St. Augustine. The students truly enjoyed each of the activities we participated in throughout the day.
~ Katy Anich
Kissimmee, FL
Sunrise Elementary
My evaluation can be summed up in three words: Everything was great!
~ Tirza Dalkoff
North Miami Beach, FL
Jacobson Sinai Academy
I love working with your company! I have planned numerous school field trips over the past and once I started working with Educational Tours I proclaimed to never do it on my own again. You guys make it easy and enjoyable. Keep up the good work.
~ Devyn Chorvat
Williston, FL
Joyce Bullock Elementary School
We feel that the whole trip was blessed from beginning to the end.
~ Sally Mennicke
Ocala, FL
St. John Lutheran


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