An Early Lesson Learned

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The President’s Corner
by Ed Lattin

When I founded Educational Tours in 1985 I wanted to create a company that would really cater to the needs of Educators.  As a former classroom teacher who spent a decade teaching middle school kids I believed that my background in education would help me create that kind of teacher friendly environment.  And for the most part that is exactly what happened.  While I did not have much of a business background, I did have first hand knowledge of what teachers want in a school trip – or so I thought.   What I really had knowledge of was how Ed Lattin liked to plan trips for students.  While that was not a bad thing, I quickly learned that the key to my Company’s success was learning how to listen to what my teacher clients really wanted in their tour.  Our company has grown and prospered over the last twenty seven years for a number of reasons.  I believe the most important factor in that growth is our continued focus on our clients.

It is our job to listen to our teacher clients as they express their touring needs and desires.  We have a saying in our office that “Our best touring ideas come from our clients.”  There is no perfect way to tour any destination.  That is why we specialize in customized agendas that reflect what each client school requests.  For example during the last school year we took well over sixty different school groups to St. Augustine and we had over sixty unique agendas.  The same is true for our Washington, D.C. tours and all of our destinations.

In closing I would like to say that the most important lesson I learned when forming Educational Tours was to really listen to my clients and not try to superimpose what I thought was best for them.  Because the reality is that each of our teacher clients have there own special touring needs. It is our job to turn those needs and desires into a tour that will be a fun learning experience for their students.  We greatly respect and appreciate all educators and it is an honor to plan tours for those who choose to use our services.  When you communicate with any of our staff please know that we value and respect your thoughts.  We will not try to convince you to take a pre-planned cookie cutter type tour.  Instead our highly trained staff will work with you to create your own unique student tour.  You deserve no less.


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  1. My child had a wonderful experience with her class going to DC on an Educational Tours trip. She had great things to say about your representative and returned with a renewed interest in school.

    Keep up the good work.

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