Hinson Middle Super Salesman Headed To DC

Hinson Middle Hometown News Cover StoryTeachers and sponsors of class tours often offer students fundraising opportunities to help pay for their travel costs. There are a variety of ways to raise money in both group and individual activities from holding car washes to selling everything from baked goods to magazines. A Hinson Middle School eighth grader from Ormond Beach, Florida has set a school record in an impressive display of salesmanship that earned him a spot on his class trip to Washington, DC and a feature in the local newspaper.

Teacher Joe Vetter has been working with Educational Tours for several years to take his eigth graders to Washington, DC. He partnered with a local Domino’s Pizza outlet that allows students to sell coupons that offer two-for-one pizzas for $10. Each student gets a book of 50 and can earn $350 if they sell all of them.  That’s exactly what Derrick Harris did.

Vetter says he has never had a student who worked quite so hard to raise money for the trip. The impressive feat of salesmanship earned Harris his ticket to DC and a front page story in the local Hometown News. He broke the school record for fundraising sales and surpassed his self-set goal of 40 in the three-week fundraising event with 51 sales!

We have heard many great stories about fundraising activities from our teachers over the years. Joe Vetter’s pizza sales program is a great example of how teacher/sponsors can partner with local businesses in a win-win effort that allows students to raise money and learn about goal setting and achievement. Derrick Harris definitely stands out as a Super Salesman. A Washington, DC trip is all about helping students to experience how the American Dream was created and how our government sustains it. Harris’ exemplary effort also demonstrates how anything is possible in our nation with hard work and dedication.

Hinson Middle School has been working with Educational Tours since the 2005/06 school year.  They do tours to Tallahassee as well as Washington, DC.

Have a great fundraising example or success story from your class trip? Share it below with a comment, or contact your ET rep with details and let us feature it in a story here on the Ed Tours Blog.

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