In Praise of Educators

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The President’s Corner
by Ed Lattin

To all teachers I want to say thank you for your dedication and service to young people.  I can look at my own son Brian and daughter-in-law Roselle, both of whom teach and coach at the high school level for inspiration.  They wake up at 5:00 am, get to work before 7 and on game days rarely return home until 10:00 pm.  During the busy winter months when both of them are coaching varsity sports and maintaining a full teaching schedule they rarely have time for each other much less any kind of social life.  Yet they do what they do because they love kids.  The vast majority of teachers act and feel the same way.  

The teachers who sponsor our trips are another great example of outstanding educators.  They realize that education neither begins or ends in the classroom.  Educational trips that enhance and reinforce the classroom learning can create life changing experiences in young people.  No one understands that better than our teacher sponsors.  Why else would they sponsor a trip?  Then after sponsoring a trip why in the world would a teacher do it year after year?  I believe that our sponsors have discovered that what they are giving students is something so very special -positive memories that will last a lifetime.  While there is extra work involved with sponsoring a trip and the touring days can be very long, there is a personal reward in doing something that will have a lasting impact on young people.  Our sponsoring teachers represent the best in the teaching profession and we are humbled and privileged to partner with them in planning their tours.

In closing I want to thank all of our teachers sponsors, not just for sponsoring trips, but for all that you do for your students.  And in a broader sense, I want to thank the teaching profession.  What you do is valued and very much appreciated by us at Educational Tours.  And to my son Brian and daughter-in-law Roselle, you both make me so very proud!

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