Keeping it fresh


From the Road
by Grant Doyle

We have been hard at it since August.  Everyone around here is running at warp speed trying to keep up with the demand.  I’ve been working on some new areas that teachers have requested tours to.  Chattanoota, TN, Little Rock, AR  are a couple of cities that are very interesting and surprising.  I enjoy exploring new areas for tours.  It keeps us fresh. 

We’ve also got conventions to go to in the middle of all this tour developing.  It’s that time of year and if you aren’t running fast you’ll get left in the dust.  So when I have a chance to slow down for a little R&R I take advantage of it.  We have a festival in our little town that begins tonight and runs through Sunday.  It’s called The Great American Cooter Festival, Cooter Fest to the locals.  I know, I know we’ve heard it all.  When it first began, 10 years ago, John Stewart came to town with The Daily Show to see what it was all about.  He had a good time with it as you can imagine.  In any case it’s a hometown gathering in our quaint little downtown area around the courthouse square tonight from 7-11pm with live music, vendor’s, and such.  Lawn chair stuff if you follow my drift.  Then tomorrow and Sunday it moves to Liberty Park on the banks of Lake Henderson.  Lots of food and activities to do.  We have a bike trail across the county called Rails To Trails.  It’s 42 miles of paved railroad grade and it goes right by Liberty Park.  My wife and I will ride our bikes down to the going’s on’s Saturday.  It’s a great ride.   Cooter Fest is not a World’s Fair or even a State Fair level thing.  It’s a little comfort zone level that helps keep things in perspective.  If you’re in the area you should drop in and relax, take a load off.  Bring your bike and ride.  It’s all good.   

Oh BTW a cooter is a Florida turtle.  Just sayin………

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