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educational tours ed lattin photoThe President’s Corner
by Ed Lattin

I was a classroom teacher for ten years before forming Educational Tours in 1985.  Needless to say that was a long time ago.  Back in that era paddling a student for misbehaving was pretty common and most students would rather take the paddling than have their parents called. The teaching profession was held in higher regard. Standardized testing of students was only done to identify areas where students needed more help.  Imagine that!

I like to think I was a pretty good teacher during my decade as an educator. I even won several awards – being named teacher of the year from my school and social studies teacher of the year from my school district.  But I am not so sure at all that my success would be duplicated if I jumped back in the classroom today. It is a different environment and my hat is off to the many educators who succeed in this present challenging era. 

While the world has changed in many ways since my days in the classroom, I think that teachers still make a huge impact on the lives of young people. And the teachers who take the time and effort to take their kids on an educational trip are really special. These educators know that the learning that takes place on a student trip enhances and compliments what takes place in the classroom.  For some students it can be a life changing experience as a surprising number of students have never traveled to any destination in their entire lives.  Teachers who sponsor student trips see this regularly.  It has been my experience that the best, most dedicated teachers tend to be the ones who end up sponsoring trips.  They know that travel is not only a great way for students to learn, but that travel allows young people to experience a wider, more complete picture of our world.  That is a pretty special gift to give to students!

In closing I would like to thank educators for all that you do to help students learn and grown. Your efforts are very much appreciated at Educational Tours and we are honored to work with many of you in planning trips that meet the needs of your students.

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