New Year Greetings

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by Thomas Doyle

New Year Greetings  – –
As I stop here, in a moment of quiet reflection on the past year, I am reminded again of the joys I receive in guiding student group trips.  It was truly another perfect season.  Students ask me time and again “how many times have you been here……Don’t you ever get bored?”  And my honest and heartfelt reply is always the same – – the sites are different to me every time because I am seeing the sites through another new group of young people’s eyes.  Heading into my 25th year as a licensed DC guide and tour operator – – the streets don’t change but seeing the sites always feels like a new experience.  (The hills and walkways of our National Cemetery are the only possible exception as they always seem to feel as though they are burning into my calves as I make my way up that final hill to pay respects at the Tombs of the Unknowns!). 

Between Nov. 18 and Dec. 21 we had 12 buses tour our Nation’s Capital (and one group included a jaunt further North to NYC on their itinerary).  The weather was mild and bright.  The city streets, the tour sites and the museums were all empty but for us!  Everywhere we went we were warmly welcomed for making the trek up there in the ‘off-season’.  Because the City is so much more inviting with so few others ‘in the way’, our teachers who have made the move out of the March/Springtime Madness, came away thanking us again for encouraging them to move their trip date (away from assessment testing and) into a more mellow adventure for all to enjoy…  It was a great way to wrap up 2013 and to begin the 2013-2014 academic year.



Today we continue to cross those t’s and dot those i’s.  Contracts are well-set in stone, reservations are firm-firm and our hoteliers and tour guides await the arrival of our next trip.  With that said – – I say here’s to 2014…  Let there continue to be magic in the air around the groups we have planned and the awesome adventure they are about to embark on.  Cheers ~ 


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