On the Road with Glades Day School

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From the Road
by Grant Doyle

Glades Day School comes to DC with the hopes of snow in the forecast.  They weren’t disappointed this time.  Although it didn’t last long it did snow for them.  Unfortunately it also rained for a short time.  It was pretty cold for this time of year up there but they were ready for it.  Mrs. McDermott always produces a great group of students and parent chaperones for the tour.  We went to Getteysburg one day and had a great tour of the Battlefield with an excellent guide.  The sequester is forcing some places to close earlier than they would normally so that squeezed the time a bit but all in all we managed to work it all out and enjoyed a very good time in DC. 

 Mrs. McDermott organizing a group pix on a cold afternoon


White House stop on a cool morning.


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