On the road with Meadow Park Elementary

Terry McMahon and the students of Meadow Park Elementary are on their way to Washington DC.  They are going to be providing us with updates as their trip progresses so stay tuned!

From Leilani – Right now we are on the bus watching a movie. There are still eleven hours until we arrive at the hotel. I am having a blast and I can’t wait to get to Washington.

From Mr McMahon – Greetings parents,

We’ve made good time so far and we are in South Carolina. We have changed bus drivers and we now have Mary Jo as the boys’ bus driver and Barbara as the girls’ bus driver. They tell us to expect snow tomorrow so the kids are really excited! We will stop in about 90 minutes to have lunch. The kids are having a great time. I will update after lunch.

From Leilani (1:25pm) – We have just gotten back on the bus from Wendy’s, where we had a delightful meal. Now there are only eight more hours until we arrive at the hotel. I am anxious because I cant wait to visit all the monuments.

From Mr McMahon – Good afternoon parents. We just finished eating lunch in Santee, S.C. and we are about 90 minutes south of the North Carolina border. The weather has been great and we haven’t had to put any sweaters or sweatshirts on yet. Everyone is doing well and enjoying some videos as we continue to travel north towards our destination.

From Mr McMahon (8:17pm) – Good evening parents. We had a great dinner at Golden Corral. We are about 2 hours away from the hotel. The kids are crazy happy about tomorrow’s forecast which calls for snow tomorrow. I’ll update the website after everyone is settled in at the hotel. 

From Leilani – We have recently arrived at the hotel and we are having a wonderful time. Tomorrow we will visit Mount Vernon, George Washington’s home. I cant wait to actually see where George Washington lived.

From Mr McMahon – Good morning parents. We’ve had breakfast and we are on our way to Mount Vernon. We will visit the Capitol today and visit some memorials this afternoon. We are on the lookout for snow this afternoon. Everyone is doing well and excited about today’s adventures!

From Mr McMahon (1/17 – 12:05pm) – Good (almost afternoon) parents. We just finished visiting Mount Vernon. The patrols really enjoyed their time at George Washington’s home. You’ll have to ask them about the snow they saw while we were there. We are heading to lunch and then to the Ulysses S. Grant memorial for our group picture. After the picture stop we will visit the U.S. Capitol. We are having a great time and hoping for some snow this afternoon. Please check out the Flickr website for more pictures because I have more pictures then I can text.

From Leilani (1/17 – 12:11pm) – We have recently gotten back on the bus from Mount Vernon, George Washington’s home. We learned about the war including the French and the British. We also learned more about Mount Vernon. We are now headed to our next destination in Washington D.C.

From Leilani (1/17 – 4:00pm) We just got back onto the bus from visiting the National Archives. When we were there we saw the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution,band the Bill of Rights. It had always been a dream of mine to visit the National Archives, and now my dream has come true.

From Leilani (1/17 – 5:00pm) We have just gotten in the bus after visiting the Lincoln Memorial. We are on our way to the White House.Yeah Obama here we come!

From Mr McMahon (1/17 – 7:00pm )Good evening parents. We have had a busy day today so I didn’t have much time to give you updates. We had a great time in the U.S. Capitol. After the Capitol we went to see the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution at the National Archives. Next we went to the Vietnam War Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, and the Korean War Memorial. We just finished going to the souvenir shop and are now heading to the Iwo Jima Memorial. Our last stop will be to eat and then back to the hotel. We still haven’t seem any snow but we are keeping our fingers crossed. 

From Leilani (1/17 – 9:25pm) We just left the mall where we had a delightful meal. We are now at the hotel. Today was an adventurous and exciting first day exploring Washington D.C.

From Mr McMahon (1/17 – 10:30pm) Good evening parents. We returned to the hotel around 9:15 and the kids are taking showers and preparing for lights out.  We had a fantastic day and all are doing well. Tomorrow we will start out at Arlington National Cemetery. We will tour the WWII Memorial. Next we will visit the Bureau of Printing and Engraving (the place where they make money) followed by Daniel’s Story. We will have lunch and tour the Washington National Cathedral. Then we will visit the Jefferson Memorial, MLK Jr. Memorial, and the FDR Memorial before heading to dinner. The kids are doing great so relax and enjoy your evening.


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