On the Road with River Springs Middle

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From the Road
by Grant Doyle

The group met me on Pennsylvania Ave and we hit the ground running.  They came in to DC from a snow filled tour day in Philly.  It’s a crazy weather pattern for this time of year.  Mr. Sarro and his experienced chaperones made the trip easy considering the crowds in DC this time of year.  Some places were feeling the effects of the sequester.  They had to modify their hours and that made things kind of touch & go.  On our Capitol Building tour, we saw the new statue of Rosa Parks in the Old House Chambers.  The first statue commissioned by Congress since 1873.  It’s right next to Dr. John Gorrie from our great state of Florida.

EDUCATIONAL-TOURS-ROSA-PARKS-OLD-HOUSE-CHAMBERSThe group also was fortunate enough to see an Army Wreath Presentation at Arlington National Cemetery by military officers from Saudi Arabia.  It was another good tour with a real good group of students from River Springs Middle School. 


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