Student Tours To Washington DC In 2016-17

The most popular destination for student educational tours in 2017 remains Washington, DC.  A presidential election year increases the interest in Washington.  Add to that the new African American History Museum opening this year in the Smithsonian and interest from schools has never been higher.

There is just no better place than the nation’s capitol when it comes to educational learning opportunities.  From the White House to the Capitol, the city is packed with countless historical, cultural, civic and entertainment venues that fit into a wide variety of curriculum.  Teachers looking to expand the learning experience beyond their classrooms can look to Washington, DC in 2017 for fun and affordable opportunities.

Here are just a few of the most common stops on educational tours to Washington, DC:

  • Tours of the Capitol Building
  • White House
  • Smithsonian Museums
  • The National Mall
  • National Monuments: Lincoln, Jefferson, Iwo Jima, FDR, MLK Jr & More
  • Vietnam, Korean & World War II Memorials
  • Ford Theatre Tours
  • Arlington Cemetery & Changing of the Guard

There are many more options and even unusual sites like the seeing one of the world’s most amazing cherry blossom seasons in the spring.  No matter the itinerary, opportunities abound for students to learn with an educational experience that will last a lifetime.  Trips to Washington, DC are also affordable for schools from Florida with an established company like Educational tours.  Packages include transportation, lodging and meals at very reasonable rates.  One big plus of Washington, DC – many of the attractions and sites are cater to student tours free making it even more affordable for class trips to visit.

See the tour packages on our website for ideas on taking a class trip to Washington, DC.  Then contact us to learn more or schedule a trip to Washington, DC for your class.


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