Taking Over 3,500 Safety Patrol Kids To Washington, DC

Ed Tours Has Record Year For Safety Patrol Trips To Washington, DC

Grant Doyle on Alachua Safety Patrol Washington DC Educational Tours

ET’s Grant Doyle with Alachua Safety Patrol Educational Tour in DC

Educational Tours has been helping sponsors take their Safety Patrols on student educational trips to Washington, DC since the beginning of the company.  Over the years, the number of those tours have continued to grow, and according to founder Ed Latin, like most all of the company’s business it’s mainly from client referrals.

This season Educational Tours is in the midst of a record-setting year for safety patrol groups. Through the end of June, Ed Tours is taking over 70 buses of safety patrol kids to Washington, DC from schools in Citrus County to Jacksonville and many communities in between.  That includes a large contingent from the Seminole County Safety Patrol traveling with Educational Tours for the first time.  It all adds up to some 3,500 hundred students, teachers and sponsors, and a major undertaking for Educational Tours accomplished with a tremendous effort by everyone on their team.

“The logistics are really daunting on this scale,” said Lattin. “Particularly when you consider we are really a small family-owned business. But we just have some incredibly talented people and a depth of experience that allows us to do it all seamlessly for our clients.”

Latin said he and the entire team are involved in the process, and just about every manager is on the road this month between the company headquarters in Inverness, Florida and Washington, DC.

“It’s really a labor of love for us as these Safety Patrol kids are just so deserving of the opportunity to visit our nation’s capitol,” said Latin.  “It’s a well deserved reward for serving their schools and fellow classmates, and we can’t thank the sponsors and schools enough for the chance to be involved as their student tour company.”


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  1. What are the coronavirus updates? My son’s school Sabal Point Elementary in Longwood have a Trip end of school year to Washington DC. The scientists are advising to avoid travel trips not just overseas. Most countries are preparing for lockdown to help minimize the pandemic spread of virus.

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