Tour Season Winding Down

Brian_Lattin_Educational_ToursThe 2013-14 tour season has come to a close. What a fun ride it has been! I have had the pleasure of being on the road with some truly fantastic people and schools while seeing an array of different touring destinations.

Have you ever eaten a meal with an astronaut? I have! In many instances, one of our programs to Kennedy Space Center will include “Dine with an Astronaut”. Talk about a true learning experience for students. Anything one could want to know about life as an astronaut or outer space is covered here. The astronaut really gives a personal touch about his or her experiences. A program to KSC can also include an overnight stay where students will get to sleep under the mighty space shuttle Atlantis. Another option with a KSC tour is a stop at the Astronaut Hall of Fame which includes the interactive Space Explorers Adventure Program. It is here that the group will get to train like an astronaut! No matter what options you choose with a Kennedy Space Center tour, it is going to be a true educational experience for the group.

Right down the road from Kennedy Space Center is the tourist haven city of Orlando. I have had the opportunity to spend some time there this season! There are some serious options for student groups here. Let’s just look at a few of the places for groups to visit in Orlando: Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Sea World, Orlando Science Center, Wonder Works, etc. The list can truly go on and on. Many of our groups get to experience one or more of these unique attractions in one of our Orlando trip packages.

The two tour destinations where I have spent the most time this season are Tallahassee and Washington D.C. I have already blogged enough about both of these fantastic capital cities. No need to recite what I’ve already said about these two places. One thing I haven’t mentioned is some of my favorite restaurants in both cities. Who doesn’t love a little local cuisine!!? Some of my favorites in Tallahassee include The Bada Bean, Cabo’s Grill, and Kool Beanz Café. If you are in Tally, give one of these restaurants a shot. As for the DC area……Ray’s Hell Burger, Ted’s Bulletin, and Founding Farmers are three of my favorite restaurants. You can’t go wrong at any of these places if you are visiting our nation’s capital!!!

What’s on the horizon here at ET during the summer?? It really never stops. We are hammering away at reservations for our groups that are on the books for 2014-15. We will be attending the annual STYA (Student Youth Travel Association) conference in Toronto this August. ET will have an exhibitor booth at some different teacher conferences this fall. Maybe some of us will try to squeeze in a vacation too!! Until next time my friends. Safe travels to all!

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