Touring in Tallahassee


Tallahassee is truly a great touring city even for you non Seminole fans!  Our state capital, and  surrounding area, has so much to offer student groups.  I have had the privilege to be on tour with many school groups this school year in Tallahassee.  Here is my take on touring in Tally: 

The New and Old Capitol buildings are a must see.  The Old Capitol building is restored to its 1902 appearance when all three branches of government were housed under the same roof.  The New Capitol building features a 22nd floor observation deck where groups can get a fantastic view of the city.  The New Capitol tour also features stops at the House and Senate Chambers. The FL Supreme Court is another top destination in Tallahassee.  Groups can go inside the courtroom and learn all about the judicial branch of government in Florida. 

EDUCATIONAL TOURS- TALLAHASSEE - NEW CAPITOL BUILDINGEDUCATIONAL TOURS- TALLAHASSEE - OLD CAPITOL BUILDINGEDUCATIONAL TOURS-TALLAHASSEE-FLORIDA SUMPREME COURTWant some Florida history?  The Museum of Florida History and Mission San Luis are the places to go to get your history fix!  It will come as no surprise that the Museum of FL History tells the story of our great state with many outstanding exhibits on display.  The guided tour at Mission San Luis teaches groups about how the Apalachee Indians and the Spanish co-existed.  This tour includes stops at a re-created Franciscan religious complex, Spanish fort, and the awesome Apalachee Council House.

Just outside of Tallahassee groups can tour the Gulf Specimen Marine Laboratory in Panacea and Wakulla Springs State Park in Wakulla.  Panacea features an aquarium tour where groups can see multiple aquariums explaining different marine life and a  “living” docks tour where the group will experience marine life in its natural setting.  Speaking of natural setting…….The scenery at Wakulla Springs is breathtaking.  Groups get to take a narrated boat tour down the Wakulla River.  Students will also have time to shop in the historic Wakulla Springs Lodge.  We’ve even had student groups go to the Florida Caverns in Mariana.  Who knew you could go spelunking in Florida!!!?

EDUCATIONAL TOURS-WAKULLA SPRINGS-1 EDUCATIONAL TOURS-WAKULLA SPRINGS-2 EDUCATIONAL TOURS-WAKULLA SPRINGS-3About those Seminoles!!  Many of our groups get the chance to visit Doak Campbell Stadium, home of the FSU football team.  Whether you are a Nole or not, it is an awesome experience for our groups.  Some of our groups even eat at the FSU student cafeteria to really get the total college experience.  And let’s not forget a picture stop or tour of the Governor’s Mansion.  That is always a hit while on a Tallahassee tour.

EDUCATIONAL TOURS-DOAK CAMPBELL STADIUMTouring in Tallahassee is a whole lot of fun.  I’m looking forward to many more trips to our state capital.  Until next time – safe travels to all!!!

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