Washington D.C. The Ultimate Class Field Trip

The highlights of any school year for students always include field trips. For many children, these are usually visits to locations in the local area where teachers identify places that enhance their curricular goals. But when it comes to broadening a student’s vision and understanding of our country, the ultimate field trip is a class tour to Washington, D.C.

Many teachers and parents may think sending their students to the nation’s capitol is beyond their reach. However, with the proper planning and preparation, taking a class to Washington, D.C. can be achievable for almost any school in Florida.

First, there are literally hundreds of amazing FREE things to see and do in D.C. In fact, most of the must-see monuments and attractions in the city are open to the public for free. This can greatly reduce the costs compared to other popular student tour destinations.

The big logistics of travel, lodging and meals make up the bulk of costs for a class trip. Educational Tours of Florida has over 30 years of experience taking student groups to the city and relationships with vendors at the most favorable group rates. This allows extending groups very affordable package prices.

The E.T. team works closely with schools, teachers and sponsors to find creative ways for parents to send their students on tours to Washington, D.C. Flexible payment programs make it easy to pay over time. There are also creative fund raising ideas gleaned from working with so many schools over the years that can be shared to help schools and groups assist parents and children in need.

Contact Ed Tours to learn more about the options for taking a student group on the ultimate field trip to tour Washington, D.C.

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