Florida's Nature Coast

Student Field Trips to Florida’s Nature Coast with Educational Tours

Embark on an unparalleled educational adventure in Florida’s Nature Coast with Educational Tours, where students connect with nature in a truly immersive way. Witness the gentle giants of the sea by swimming with manatees in Crystal River, offering an up-close encounter with these magnificent creatures and fostering an understanding of marine conservation. Explore the wonders of wildlife at Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park, where students encounter native Florida species, including manatees, panthers, and alligators, providing a hands-on experience that fosters a deep appreciation for the region’s unique biodiversity. This journey into the heart of Florida’s natural beauty not only educates students on environmental preservation but also creates lasting memories of the diverse ecosystems that define the Sunshine State.

See the suggested Educational Tour package(s) below to Florida’s Nature Coast. Please know that Educational Tours can customize any trip itinerary specific to a school’s needs.

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Florida's Nature Coast

Florida's Nature Coast lives up to the name with a wealth of natural experiences for students. This tip includes all the highlights such as:

  • Boat Tour & Swim With Manatees
  • Florida Museum of Natural History
  • Butterfly Rainforest
  • Homasassa Springs State Park
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