Manage & Make Payments For Your Class Trip With EdTours

Welcome to online trip registration and payments made easy. In partnership with WeTravel, a group travel industry leader in payment processing, EdTours participants are provided with a login (their email address) and password.

From this page, simply click on the button below linking to the WeTravel website where you can make secure payments, create contribution pages, and manage other options for your class trip.

If you have already created an account with WeTravel, you will provide the login information you created when you first registered for the class trip.

If you opted not to create a WeTravel account when you first registered for the trip, you may still enter your email address utilizing the link below and the system will recognize it, and then prompt you to create a password and an account.

*Please note that the link is for trip participants who have already registered online and made their initial deposit for their field trip. If you have not already done this, please refer back to the sample agenda/cost proposal provided to you by your school and/or trip sponsor. It will have a trip link at the bottom of the page, along with a QR code as well. Participants must first register and make a deposit using the original trip links before venturing back to the WeTravel website to log-in.

Contact EdTours anytime for further assistance with making payments for your trip or using the We Travel website.