Manage & Collect Contributions for a Class Trip With EdTours

Would you like for your friends, family and other supporters to help with the cost of your trip? It’s now easy to fundraise by creating a contribution page for your booking. We partner with WeTravel for our Payment Management and Processing. You will need to set up an account with WeTravel to get started. EdTours participants are provided with a login (their email address) and password with them for this purpose. Contact EdTours directly if you have not received yours. Once you are set up with a WeTravel account, they have provided a way for you to take Contributions to help with your EdTours trip. If you have already created an account with WeTravel, you will provide the login information you created when you first registered for the class trip. Once you are set up, you can set up a Contribution page with WeTravel. Please watch the video below for details on how to do that. Then get started if you need to raise some funds for your EdTours trip.
Contact EdTours anytime for further assistance with making payments for your trip or using the We Travel website.