Class Trips to Washington DC With Educational Tours Florida

Our Specialty Is Assisting Teachers With Educational Class Tours

Educational Tours works closely with sponsoring teachers to assist them in offering extended learning opportunities for their classes. An Educational Tours class trip is designed to make it easy for teachers to take their students from the classroom to many exciting educational destinations.

What To Expect As A Teacher

Teachers who work with Educational Tours for their class trips get a dedicated team ready to assist with every aspect of their tour. One of our knowledgeable student travel experts will help you to expand your classroom with an exciting class trip experience. We do it all from organizing the trip and making presentations at your school to parents and students, to being there for the trip and getting your class home with memories that will last a lifetime.
Our sponsoring teachers leave the details to us. We work in the background making it all happen allowing our teachers to focus their attention in teaching.
Contact us to learn more about how easy it is to take your class on the road with Educational Tours.
Educational Tours of Florida Assists Teachers with Class Trips Across the USA

Welcome Parents & Students To Educational Tours

If you are looking for great extended educational learning through class trips this is the place to start. Educational Tours assists teachers, students and other group organizers interested in fielding group travel excursions for schools and youth organizations.

Parents and Students Can Help Organize Tours

Most educational class trips involve a sponsoring teacher, a band or other club director, or a school related leader such as the Safety Patrol who works with our company to organizes a trip for students. However, parents and students can start the process and Educational Tours can assist. Check the How To Set Up A Class Trip page for more details.
If your class is already scheduled for an educational trip with us, other pages in this section of the website have helpful information. Also, see the FAQs page for answers to the most common questions.
We look forward to “welcoming you aboard” on an exciting and memorable Educational Tours Student Class Trip soon. Contact us to learn more about how easy it is to take your class on the road with Educational Tours.